SoftV is a new generation of gamification company, based in London focussing on Neuroscience and related medical applications. Our aim is to develop and deliver apps, games and online services to the benefit of the wider public and patient community on Mobile, Tablet, Console and PC for use at home and in a clinical context. The two company founders have over 30 years of collective experience within interactive systems and games development.
  • 2013

    SoftV was founded in the Spring of 2013

    We set our early sights on establishing gamification opportunities in neuroscience and related medical applications.

  • 2014

    We brought our vision to life throughout 2014

    Pioneering work requires the development of a unique framework with a harmonious team of skills and abilities at its centre.

  • 2015

    Our reach and expertise has grown rapidly during 2015

    We're now working with some of the finest strategic, technical and creative minds in the gaming, digital and medical sciences worlds.

  • 2016

    Tomorrow's World

    "In 2016 we’ll see healthcare professionals prescribe video games to their patients." NESTA, December 2015. NESTA, one of the UK's leading innovation think tanks, published their top ten predictions for disruption and digital sector growth in 2016. We were delighted to see the gamification of medical applications was one of the key areas they highlighted.


Gamification Consultancy

SoftV offers consultant gamification services. We have specific expertise in addressing complex patient challenges through the use of engaging game play.

Working in the health and educational realm SoftV creates playful digital therapies and learning experiences that benefit patients, those that support them and the wider community at large. Using advanced gamification methods SoftV advises on and produces impactful serious games.

Games Development

We scope, design and build apps, games and online services for mobile, tablet, console and PC to both the home and clinical marketplaces.

The SoftV team comprises highly experienced creative technologists, games industry experts, AAA programmers and premium award-winning designers.

Translational Research

SoftV helps to turn early stage discoveries and innovations into deliverable products partnering academic research, games strategy and production expertise for medical and educational market needs.

SoftV aims to advance such interactive innovation through a range of deliverable products in the rapidly expanding mobile games and digital therapies marketplace.


Consultancy & Research

Project Management

Technical Development

Creative Authoring

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Current Projects


SWAN is an educational app that aims to improve recall of alphabet, number and word sequences by providing the user with the opportunity to practise them in ascending and descending order as presented within the gameplay framework. Children and adults with language disorders have significant challenges in dealing with these ideas and are at risk of mathematical and literacy difficulties as a result. The user is presented with a random number from which to generate a sequence in order to progress forwards through the game narrative.

Developed in collaboration with Dr Carolyn Bruce, Dr Chris Donlan and Dr Caroline Newton at UCL's Division of Psychology & Language Sciences.

iTalk is a speech and learning therapy game to improve brain and language recovery after aphasic stroke. iTALK tests, treats and measures the efficacy of naming therapy for patients with aphasia. The application also increases the understanding of this condition by providing a comprehensive database into speech difficulties following stroke.


Listen-In provides an effective speech comprehension training tool that post-stroke and aphasia patients can use to practice independently. This frees-up speech and language therapist time to provide additional assessment, supervision and functional intervention in a highly cost effective manner.

Developed in collaboration with Dr Alexander Leff at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL and funded by the NHS.


We are working in partnership with some of the worlds leading medical sciences and biotechnology practitioners. Our collective efforts are currently focussed on the development of several applications in the diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation sectors.

UCL Business PLC (UCLB) is the technology-transfer company of University College London. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University and is responsible for conducting technology development and commercial transactions on its behalf.

The ICN is an interdisciplinary research institute, bringing together different disciplines (psychology, neurology, anatomy) with common interests in the human mind and brain, in both health and disease.

Working with leading researchers at the Department of Education, University of Oxford with a focus on developmental cognitive disorders, development of reading and language skills in children and randomized controlled trials in education.

The Team